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Top 10 Free Things to do In Charleston

  1. Stroll The Battery – sunrise and sunset are prime times.
  2. Relax on the swings at Waterfront Park.
  3. Window shop on King Street.
  4. Visit any of the city’s cemeteries and churches. Most are open during the day.
  5. Walk the beaches of Sullivan’s Island.
  6. Visit the grounds of Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island, the site of a Revolutionary War battle.
  7. Take in the beauty of the Angel Oak on Johns Island, a more than 1,400 year-old live oak tree.
  8. Enjoy the art galleries of The French Quarter.
  9. Check out the Citadel dress parades on Friday afternoons while school is in session (August - April).
  10. Take a peaceful stroll through The Gateway Garden Walk that connects The Unitarian Church to St. Philip’s Church.

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